There’s An Alexander McQueen Biopic In The Works — Here Are Our 3 Dream Castings!

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We didn’t know we needed this, but we are so in!

It’s hard to believe, but it’s been almost six years since Alexander McQueen tragically took his own life following the death of his mother, but it seems as though Hollywood is ready to celebrate his life.

It was reported on Friday that the famed designer will be the subject of a brand new biopic out of the UK!

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45 Years director Andrew Haigh will be leading the film written by The Rolling Stone playwright Chris Urch, but there’s still no word on casting…

That’s where we come in!

Ch-ch-check out which three critically acclaimed actors we think would be great fits for the role (below)!!!

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Joel Kinnaman

You may not instantly recognize Joel just yet, but chances are you’ve already seen him in something. The 36-year-old Swede not only looks pretty similar to Alexander, but he’s also proven his acting chops thanks to roles in The Killing and RoboCop. Plus, he’s about to become a superstar thanks to his part as Rick Flag in Suicide Squad!

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Russell Tovey

Russell is the youngest of our three picks, but he also happens looks the most similar to the fashion icon. With Looking getting the axe, the 34-year-old Brit is now free to take on something as major as this Oscar-bait drama. Plus, he’s too adorable not to get the part, right?

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Colin Hanks

Colin stepped out of his father’s shadow recently thanks to his Emmy-nominated work in Fargo, so we think it’s time for him to reestablish himself as a movie actor. The 38-year-old has similar features to McQueen, but we’re sure hair and makeup will make them look like twins! Plus, we’re not really loving Life in Pieces, so we’d like to see him in something more high profile.

Which of our three picks do U want to see star as Alexander McQueen in the heavily anticipated biopic??

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Jan 22, 2016 4:59pm PDT

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