Facebook Is Monitoring What You Say — And Sharing That Info With THIS Company!

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This is kind of creepy!

According to reports, Nielsen — the people who track TV ratings — will soon have the ability to track what you send to your friends on Facebook!

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The ratings company has an agreement with the gigantic social network to monitor your conversations with family and friends on the site about popular TV shows, and those convos will be sent from Facebook to supplement TV rating information!

So if you’re really into Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, or you find yourself recommending Jessica Jones to a friend or family member on the social network, expect that Mark Zuckerberg‘s website is going to go Big Brother on you and share that info with an outside third party!

According to Re/code, the information will be anonymized, so it can’t be tracked directly back to you, but even so, the idea of them taking your Facebook discussions (even the non-public ones!!!) to a third party is a little… disheartening.

Thus far, the agreement does NOT include Facebook Messenger — or Instagram, or WhatsApp — so if you send something in private or on those other social networks, you appear to be in the clear.

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But if you send a post, link, or comment about a TV show to a friend on Facebook, that info could definitely be turned into data points for FB to send to Nielsen.


Above all, the lesson should be learned: people are watching what you say online!

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Jan 22, 2016 4:28pm PDT

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