Do The Girl Scouts Really Give Cookie Money To Planned Parenthood?! Learn How The Cookie Crumbles!

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The rumor has been around a LONG time… but is it true?!

For at least six years, social media users have accused the Girl Scouts of taking the money they receive on cookies and giving it in part to Planned Parenthood.

But we’re learning it’s just not that simple!

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Rumors had been on social media since at least 2010, but they REALLY got heated up in 2012 when a pro-life website published an editorial claiming the Scouts were shoveling money to the women’s health organization.

That editorial — which turns out to be patently false, according to Snopes — was written by a woman named Cathy Cleaver Ruse.

Get it? Cleaver Ruse?! Like… “clever ruse”???


That editorial and other reports blew up in popularity.

The rumor became SO persistent, that the Girl Scouts finally decided to post a specific response on their website, indicating their money does NOT go to PP:

Does any part of Girl Scout Cookie Program revenue support organizations other than the local Girl Scout council?

One hundred percent of the net revenue raised through the Girl Scout Cookie Program stays with the local council and troops. Girl Scout troops set goals on how to spend their proceeds on program-related activities, such as paying their own way to a community event or museum, or funding other programmatic outings. Girl Scout troops may also choose to use proceeds to purchase materials for a Take Action/Service project to benefit the community.

So there you have it — no partnership!

In fact, the Scouts even went one further and released a statement outlining their involvement with abortion and other women’s health-related causes:

“Girl Scouts does not take a position on abortion or birth control. We believe these are matters that are best discussed within the family.”

Here, here!

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So while the Girl Scouts ARE out there doing great things with the next generation of confident and courageous women, they are not funneling money to PP.

We love Girl Scout cookies AND Planned Parenthood, so we wouldn’t care if it WAS true… but it isn’t!

So even the GOP can experience the wonder that is the Samoa (though their liberal friends will still demand they call them ‘Caramel deLites’)!

And now you know!!

[Image via Girl Scouts of the USA.]

Jan 22, 2016 2:24pm PDT

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