Get To Know Mariah Carey’s Fianc├â┬⌐ James Packer With These 7 Interesting Facts!

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We’re so captivated by this whirlwind romance!

Following the news on January 21 that James Packer proposed to Mariah Carey, we had to get more deets on this mysterious and WEALTHY man.

While Mr. Packer is well-known in the business community, he’s not a recognizable face in Hollywood. This means we had to do a little digging to get some info on Mariah’s husband to be!

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Without further ado, check out these seven fun facts about James (below)!

1. James is a major philanthropist:

Considering James’ massive wealth, it only makes sense that he’d give back. The mogul has contributed TONS of money to his native country of Australia through the Packer Family Foundation Board and the Crown Resorts Foundation, which provides funds to the arts, community welfare, education, health care and the environment.

2. Third time is a charm:

Packer has been married twice before to Erica Baxter and Johdi Meares. From these two unions, J.P. has three kiddos.

3. He’s really into movies:

In 2012, James formed production company RatPac with Brett Ratner. The company eventually teamed up with Warner Bros. and Dune entertainment to finance major films like Gravity.

4. What’s a jackaroo?

Before James made it big, he worked as a jackaroo on his father’s cattle farm. A jackaroo is basically an apprentice who works with sheep and other types of cattle.

5. College?

Mr. Packer doesn’t hold a college degree despite his amazing success. The father admitted he didn’t have the grades to apply.

6. Tom Cruise

The rich dude once was linked to Tom in 2002. After the two became buddies, James dabbled in Scientology but eventually distanced himself from the church.

7. Miranda Kerr

Back in 2013/2014 James was rumored to be dating Miranda despite their claims a romance never went down. The alleged courtship reportedly sparked a public fight between Packer and his best friend David Gyngell.

Woah! Packer has A LOT going on. Good thing he synced up with the singer — girl has led a colorful life herself!

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Jan 22, 2016 3:08pm PDT

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