Runaway Cow Stampedes Through NYC After Escaping Slaughterhouse — But Does It Get A Happy Ending?? Read The Moo-Ving Story!

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Where’s the beef?!

A runaway cow ran through the streets of New York City on Thursday after escaping from a slaughterhouse!

According to reports, the livestock stampeded through Jamaica, Queens for at least a half hour before being captured by police:

And like something straight out of a Disney movie, the cow’s bravery was rewarded — because he was later saved by a New Jersey animal sanctuary!

The Jamaica-Archer Live Poultry and Meat Market gave the cow to the Skylands Animal Sanctuary and Rescue on Friday morning!

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Mike Stura, who runs the rescue, told ABC News he drove to Queens after reading about the cow’s quest for freedom on Facebook, explaining:

“I went and immediately hooked up my trailer to see if I could get him.”

Even though the cow had been already claimed by a family who wanted the meat, Stura told the slaughterhouse manager that he wanted to give the animal “a good life.”

The sanctuary owner named the cow Freddie in honor of late Queen frontman Freddie Mercury. Freddie is getting checked on by veterinarians and will join the 18 other cows in the sanctuary in a few weeks!

We’re so happy this cow had a happy ending — this would make a MUCH better movie than Norm of The North!

[Image via Twitter.]

Jan 22, 2016 1:49pm PDT

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