Louis Tomlinson & Briana Jungwirth Have Decided On A Name For Their Baby Boy — And They Still Have A LOT More To Figure Out!

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Honestly, the name’s not so bad!

It’s just everything else Louis Tomlinson and Briana Jungwirth must figure out together which will be controversial!

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The former One Direction star became a first-time father earlier this week when the 24-year-old welcomed a baby boy into the world with Jungwirth, a stylist with whom Tomlinson had been briefly involved last year.

Now, the pair have decided on a name for their new baby boy: Sydney Rain!

Not bad, right?!

Definitely unique, but, it could be worse…

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The real story here, though, is that a source is revealing the two are now figuring out custody for the baby boy, telling reporters about money and more:

“There’s already a lot of talk about who is going to pay what. The family have slightly exaggerated expectations of what Louis should be contributing every month.”


It’ll be interesting to see how the music star and the stylist co-exist and co-parent despite not still being together!!

[Image via Tim McLees/WENN.]

Jan 24, 2016 5:01pm PST

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