Daniel Radcliffe Reacts To His ‘Best Rear Of The Year’ Win & Reveals How He Got His Sexy Bod!

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Daniel Radcliffe has come so far from his Harry Potter days!

In a recent interview, Daniel opened up about his July 2015 “Best Rear of the Year” award (yes, that’s a thing), and explained how he manages to maintain such a sexy physique.

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Speaking on the coveted butt award, D.R. revealed the win was a bit surprising considering the last time he publicly bared his bum was in 2007:

“It was my girlfriend the first person to inform me of my “victory”. She sent me a text, and she was teasing me. I just find it a bit strange. I never showed my butt last year! But anyway, I’m grateful to those who voted for me and I’d be extremely flattered to be considered again next year.”

Even though the actor might be confused about the fanfare over his hot hiney, he should also be very proud since he beat out the sexy Jamie Dornan for the title!

But wait, how did Radcliffe get so buff?

The childhood icon revealed:

“Since I started dating her (Erin Darke), I put on a little more muscle.”

Interesting! Usually people pack on relationship pounds when they’re dating but we guess these two hold each other accountable!

… or do they?

The 26-year-old added:

“It’s not that we work out a lot, but when we do it, we always get photographed.”

Ha! At least the star is honest!

Here’s to another sexy year, Daniel!

[Image via Vogue Italia.]

Jan 25, 2016 1:53pm PDT

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