Tom Brady Hugs It Out With His Kids After Heartbreaking Loss Against The Denver Broncos — Too Cute!

tom brady hugs kids

Tom Brady may not be going to the Super Bowl, but we think he is doing just fine!

On Monday, the Patriots‘ quarterback’s wife Gisele B├â┬╝ndchen took to Instagram to share a particularly sweet pic (above) of her man cuddling up to their kids. Aww!

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She wrote:

“I can’t handle it, so much love! #family #love #grateful Eu n├â┬úo aguento, ├â┬⌐ muito amor!#fam├â┬¡lia #amor #gratid├â┬úo”

Is it just us or are the A-list couple’s kiddos their total mini-mes? We digress.

In case you missed it, Brady and his team just missed their chance to go to the SB after they lost to the Denver Broncos by two points this weekend. How sad for them!

Still the supermodel, being a constant source of support for her husband, also took to Twitter to congratulate the American athlete. The Victoria’s Secret vet posted:

Too cute! Regardless, we bet the Brazilian beauty is happy to have more downtime with Tom — especially since they had to fend off rumors that they were splitting up all of last year.

Stay perezcious you guys, and know we think you’re totally slaying it right now!

[Image via Gisele Bündchen/Instagram.]

Jan 26, 2016 10:22am PST

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