Doctor Who Drunkenly Attacked Uber Driver Says It Was ‘The Biggest Mistake’ Of Her Life’! Watch The Apologetic GMA Interview!

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Anjali Ramkissoon made headlines this week after she was captured on video lashing out at an Uber driver in downtown Miami.

The Florida doctor was belligerently berating someone else’s Uber driver because he wouldn’t give her a ride. The driver’s actual customer recorded the incident and shared the video on Sunday, which went viral shortly after.

After getting major heat since the video’s release, the fourth-year neurology resident appeared on Wednesday’s Good Morning America to apologize for her actions, calling it “the biggest mistake of my life.”

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Ramkissoon admitted that she’s “ashamed” and “still can’t watch the entire video” that shows her trying to hit the driver, throwing items out of his car window, and even kneeing him in the torso.

While she says there is “no excuse” for her actions, the accused attacker revealed the events leading up to that incident are what caused her to snap — well, that and a few drinks.

The medical professional explained how earlier that day her father was admitted to the hospital — and just minutes before the incident, she and her boyfriend of two years had split. She said:

“I was extremely stressed out that day. It was probably one of the worst days of my life and I was caught at my lowest moment. Nothing like this has ever happened…I made a huge mistake, the biggest mistake of my life, and that person is not me.”

Ramkissoon, who has been placed on administrative leave by the Jackson Health System, says that she is “asking for forgiveness” after getting cyberbullied since the video’s release.

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She added:

“My family was targeted. Their address was leaked. I’ve received messages telling me that I should kill myself, that I should have been raped that night…I think it’s ridiculous and I’m here to own up to what I did.”

Watch the interview (below) to hear her full apology and find out what happened between her and the Uber driver!

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Jan 27, 2016 2:09pm PDT

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