In Light Of Kanye West’s Rant Against Wiz Khalifa — Vote HERE For Your Favorite Most Out-There Yeezy Quote!

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We can always count on Kanye West to say some pretty insane interesting things.

Whether he’s announcing his run for presidency, interrupting an awards show, or talking about how awesome he is — the 38-year-old rapper always seems to leave us wanting more.

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Especially now that he’s officially gone OFF on Wiz Khalifa on Twitter (you know, claiming ownership of Wiz’s child with Amber Rose and stuff) — we think it’s particularly appropriate to take a look back at all of his comments that made us scratch our heads.

But at least Ye was kind of nice when he complimented the See You Again rapper’s “cool” pants? Who knows.

Help us narrow down the best Yeezy quote by ranking his infamous phrases (below)!

Jan 27, 2016 3:52pm PST

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