Ivanka Trump Declares Donald Trump An ‘Incredible’ Role Model For Her Kids

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We have a feeling Ivanka Trump‘s comments are going to stir up some controversy!

In a recent interview with Yahoo Parenting, Ivanka opened up on Donald Trump‘s presidential bid and whether or not she thinks he qualifies as a good role model for women. The beauty also talked about her father’s influence on his young grandkids!

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Speaking on the mogul’s ability to set a good example for her daughter Arabella, 4, the businesswoman gushed:

“Incredible. He’s really, really amazing with the kids.”

Interesting! Maybe D.T. is better with the younger crowd than he is with most women adults!

Ivanka added:

“They see him most weekends during the summer. We’re together in New Jersey with one of our golf clubs. They spend a lot of time rolling around with him on golf carts. They adore him. It was funny, I was walking down the street with Arabella and she saw a large pothole and said, ‘Mom, Grandpa would not like that!’ She gets that from driving around with him. I just thought that was such a cute comment. Because of him she’s paying attention to New York City infrastructure!

Ha! That’s a really cute anecdote. Who knows, maybe little Arabella will run for office one day too!

As for what the blonde’s two kids think of Donald’s race to the white house, she commented:

“The kids are a little bit young to pick up on that, but they love him.”

Hmm, maybe that’s for the best… Trump’s campaign speeches can get a little intense and out of control sometimes!

So, do YOU agree with Ivanka?

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Jan 28, 2016 5:55pm PDT

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