J.K. Rowling SHUTS DOWN A Parliament Member Accusing Her Of Defending A Misogynist! Read The EPIC Twitter Beef Happening NOW!

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This makes Kanye West and Wiz Khalifa‘s beef look like child’s play!

It’s no secret that J.K. Rowling has one of the best Twitter accounts on the planet — not only does she occasionally spill some secrets about Harry Potter to fans, but her penchant for calling out social media meanies for our enjoyment is basically what Twitter was made for!

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But things got darker than the Deathly Hallows Thursday afternoon when Scottish Parliament member Natalie McGarry accused the author of defending and complementing an abusive and misogynist Twitter troll.

It all started early afternoon when McGarry was venting about the troll in question, and called Jo out for seemingly no reason at all:

Brian Spanner is a Twitter user who has a history of calling out McGarry on social media — and also likes to tell the occasional crude joke.

However, Spanner and Rowling have also shared a few exchanges in the past, which McGarry thought was enough to say she was supporting an “abuser”:

We’d be getting pretty irritated too right about by now!

But McGarry wasn’t backing down — she thought she’d prove her point by showing the author Spanner’s vulgar comments:

Nice try, Natalie!

Even a fan tried to get “evidence,” but Jo shut him down too:

Natalie could have backed off after that, but sadly she just kept firing off:

And we thought it was finally over… but we were totally wrong!

Probably after talking to her PR rep, Natalie apologized and J.K. called off her minions:

Great! Everything’s cool… wrong again!

Natalie then shared a fan-provided screenshot which she thought showed Jo actually engaging with the troll in question:

But Jo was quick to point out that the screenshot was edited to make it look like she was engaging with the troll for different reasons:

Yikes! It looks like Rowling finally backed McGarry into a corner!

What’s the lesson here, Perezcious readers? We think it’s to make sure you NEVER go into a Twitter feud unprepared — especially if you’re facing off against one of the most successful writers on the planet. LOLz!

What do U think of this epic beef?

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Jan 28, 2016 4:37pm PST

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