New K-Pop Boy Band Will Have An ‘Infinite’ Amount Of Members! HUH?!

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Unlike Directioners, fans of NCT will never have to deal with the heartbreak of the band splitting up!

That’s because the new K-Pop idol group will have an “unlimited” amount of members!

On Wednesday, SM Entertainment founder Lee Soo Man announced that NCT (Neo Culture Technology) will be made up of several project subunits that will be able to perform in different parts of the world!

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So, it’s basically like Menudo on steroids? LOLz!

NCT’s first unit will be deployed in Seoul and Tokyo within the next few months, while other teams are set to debut in cities in China later this year.

While this may sound like a peculiar concept, it’s not all that new!

Japanese girl group AKB48 was originally made up of 48 members, but now has over 130 — which are split into several teams who can perform simultaneously in different locations!

The best part is when those unappreciative bandmates start whining about artistic integrity and how they’re humans and not commodities and all that stuff — they can easily be swapped out with another cute performer with a camera ready smile!

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As a business model, this is actually a really good idea. But we’re not sure if fans across the world will gravitate to a group made up of interchangeable performers.

After all, it’s the individual members who we fall in love with, right? Like, who’s the bad boy with a chip on his shoulder in NCT? Which one is the most adorable? Which one is the Justin Timberlake??

Will YOU be seeing NCT in one of their several concerts?

[Image via SM Entertainment.]

Jan 28, 2016 12:33pm PDT

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