R. Kelly’s Fond Memory Of Going To McDonald’s With His Mom Takes An Uncomfortable Turn As He Declares He Had A ‘Serious, Serious’ Crush On Her

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Well this is uncomfortable.

As we previously reported, R. Kelly addressed his past experience about being sexual abuse when he was just a child in his interview with GQ magazine.

The I Believe I Can Fly singer was abused by a family member from the time he was seven until he was 15, and even discussed the incidences in his memoir Soulacoaster: The Diary of Me. Though the 49-year-old did not identify the female relative that took advantage of him, the Ignition performer did recount a memory about going to McDonald’s with his mother.

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Unfortunately, what we assume was supposed to be a fond memory just kind of came off creepy since the Chicago native declared that he had a “serious, serious crush” on his momma.

He explained:

“She had this cheap lipstick, and she would taste the coffee to make sure it was sweet enough. And she would leave the ring of lipstick on the coffee when she would taste the coffee. I remember that when she would give me mine, I would turn it around and I would drink from her lipstick part because in a son-mother way, I had a serious, serious crush on my mom…”

While we are in no way suggesting that this memory is anything but sweet for the Grammy winner, the story is a tad off putting since it was paired with his very telling from interview last week.

He continued:

“I loved her. I even asked her to marry me one day. I was like nine. She said no.”

Be sure to take a look at Kelly’s intimate admission for yourself (below).

[Image via GQ/YouTube.]

Jan 28, 2016 10:25am PST

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