Rich Homie Quan Didn’t Just Rap About Having Sex With His Cousin — It Actually Happened! Ew!

We can't make this sh*t up.

Um. WHAT?!

Last year, Rich Homie Quan made headlines after alluding to having sex with his cousin in one of his songs. No, we are not bullsh*tting you.

In his track Numbers, the 26-year-old said:

“I ain’t know we were related, but I hit my cousin, I ain’t trying to do no dating, so I skip the subject, shawty say she gon’ tell her big brother, I tell that lil b*tch to go tell her big brother.”

Yeah, soooo that’s kind of unnerving. But, to be fair, it could have just been an exaggeration. Something disturbing, but also attention-grabbing.

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However, it turns out that’s not the case. The artist himself recently told Complex that those lines were based on real-life events. Real. Life. Events. AKA IT ACTUALLY HAPPENED.

The Atlanta-native revealed:

“In Georgia, you have big families. So, like, when I say it, I didn’t know the person was my cousin.”

Woah. Ew.

But, the musician weirdly tried to clarify it by saying they were actually distant cousins, confessing:

“Yes. Like a cousin’s, cousin’s, cousin.”

Ummmm. We hate to break it to Quan, but that still makes her his RELATIVE.

And believe it or not, the story gets MORE bizarre. The two didn’t realize they were related until they both showed up to the same family reunion. Talk about awkward.

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Jan 28, 2016 6:59pm PDT

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