Twitter Explodes As It’s Revealed The Kansas City Royals Are Hosting Epilepsy Awareness Night This Summer… With A Fireworks Show!!

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Life is good right now for the Kansas City Royals.

The MLB team won the World Series last fall, handily beating out the San Francisco Giants, which means this season they’re the defending world champs.

But can they defend against this bad PR move?

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As a way to give back to the fans after such a successful summer, the Royals released their promotional schedule for the upcoming year, full of special events at the ballpark during baseball games.

One of those nights is Epilepsy Awareness Night, on August 5, during a game against the Toronto Blue Jays.

Hey, that’s great! Maybe the Royals will raise money for scientific research on epilepsy and do a bunch of other stuff to make it a fun, meaningful time at the ballpark.

The only problem? Well… it’s what else they’re doing on Epilepsy Awareness night that’s maybe not so wise: FIREWORKS.

That’s right. The baseball team is having a fireworks event at the same game they’re hosting a night about epilepsy.

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Ch-ch-check out a screenshot of the August promotional schedule on their official website (below) if you don’t believe us:

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Somebody in the team’s promotions department maybe didn’t think that one all the way through…

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Predictably, people on Twitter did NOT react so well to this:


Not a home run, Royals…

Jan 29, 2016 12:41pm PDT

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