Azealia Banks Will NOT Be Going To Court For One Of Her Bouncer Beat Downs — Get The Scoop!

azealia banks no charges

Good news… for Azealia Banks that is!

On Monday, it was revealed that the 212 rapper would NOT be prosecuted for her October beat down on a bouncer. Wait, really?

As we previously reported, the controversial celeb was asked to leave by a security guard at the El Lay hotspot Break Room 86. The 24-year-old apparently didn’t take the request very well as she went totally postal on the guy. Yikes!

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Despite the incident, a city attorney has since decided to pass on pursuing the altercation since there was supposedly insufficient evidence. Hmm, we remember that some security footage from the fight was being circulated by TMZ at one point!

Anywho, we digress. Apparently, the police investigated the crazy situation but were told that the footage was not enough.

In fact, law enforcement sources have since revealed that it’s hard to tell who actually started the fight and that the bouncer walked away with little to no injuries. That would definitely be a tough case to prosecute!

Nonetheless, Miz Banks’ legal drama isn’t close to being over as she is still in hot water over biting a different bouncer in the boob in NYC. Oh boy!

We can’t imagine Azealia will keep getting away with this kind of behavior in the future. We guess we’ll just have to wait and see!

[Image via Carsten Windhorst/WENN.]

Feb 1, 2016 7:42am PDT

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