ICYMI: ‘Doctor’ Who Treated Charlie Sheen Now Says He’s Cured Entire Countries Of HIV!

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This guy is all kinds of ridiculous!

An Australian doctor by the name of Samir Chachoua went on Real Time with Bill Maher Friday night, promoting an HIV miracle cure that the doc claims he gave to Charlie Sheen.

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The doctor — who is not licensed to practice medicine in the United States BTW — makes some pretty tall claims in the interview.

He says that when he met Sheen, the Two And A Half Men actor was on his death bed due to encephalitis, and just days after the doctor’s cure the actor was running around outside and playing with a ball.

Oh, and it’s the contents of this supposed “cure” that’s the most ridiculous part!

According to Chachoua, the vaccine that kills HIV and cancer involves injecting the milk of arthritic goats into a person’s body… the crazy good doc even claims he eradicated HIV on the island nation of Comoros using this method back in 2006.

Ok, buddy…

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Ch-ch-check out the full interview if you want to see some crazy (below):


Even Sheen himself quickly tired of Chachoua’s methods; the Anger Management star got right back on his sensible, medically-backed drug cocktail very quickly.

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HIV is a very real issue that isn’t cured by an arthritic goat’s milk, and it’s sad to see Chachoua just taking advantage of sick people searching for hope with his total nonsense.

Modern medicine, people! Use it!

[Image via YouTube/NBC.]

Feb 1, 2016 11:44am PDT

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