Making A Murderer Didn’t Show Everything — ID’s Steven Avery Special Uncovered One More Big Fact About The Case…

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This case never ends.

Making a Murderer has been the biggest surprise to come out of Netflix ever since the trial and eventual conviction of Steven Avery made its way online back in December.

Now, two months later, we’re still learning more about the case that has divided the country over who actually murderer Teresa Halbach.

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In fact, there was just another TV special dedicated to examining the high-profile case, aptly titled Steven Avery: Innocent or Guilty, which aired on Investigation Discovery over the weekend.

While the hour-long look into Manitowoc County wasn’t quite as sensationalized as Netflix’s, we did get some new info regarding the case.

Most shockingly, Steven actually had 16 witnesses serve as alibis for his original trial in 1985, and he was still found guilty of rape.

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Most of the other details covered in the special were already touched upon in the ten-part docu-series, but it was nice to get some confirmation that Steven’s fingerprints were in fact not found in Teresa’s car.

Luckily for Steven, his new attorney Kathleen Zellner is an expert when it comes to wrongful conviction cases, so there is some hope for him yet!

[Image via Netflix.]

Feb 1, 2016 2:18pm PDT

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