Father & 4-Year-Old Son Die Together After Falling Through Ice While Fishing

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A father and son died Monday afternoon after a fishing outing turned tragic.

David Lyons and his four-year-old son Jackson were fishing on Alderman Lake in Oakland County, Michigan when the ice gave way and both fell into the frigid water below.

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After witnesses started calling 911, rescuers rushed out to the lake to pull the pair out and attempt resuscitation, but it was too late — they were pronounced dead several hours later.

Richard Cole, the fire chief of Highland Township, Michigan who was on the scene of the accident, revealed more about what happened:

“Alderman Lake is a very deep lake, but they weren’t far from shore, but when they went through they went through to about five or six feet of water — and the bottom of the lake in that area is nothing but muck. It’s a tragic accident.”

Neither the father nor his son were wearing life jackets, which may have helped them climb out of the lake upon falling in — but with air temperatures in the 40s and the water temperature extremely cold, both David and Jackson were in trouble from the very beginning.

So awful.

Our thoughts are with the family and friends of these two as everyone tries to come to terms with this horrible, tragic incident.

[Image via CBS News.]

Feb 2, 2016 4:39pm PDT

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