Groundhog Day Is Here! Find Out If Punxsutawney Phil Is Predicting A Long Winter — And How Often He’s Right!

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Today is Groundhog Day which means it’s Punxsutawney Phil‘s time to shine!

As is tradition, the Groundhog Day Inner Circle got together and waited for the little furry animal to pop out of his hole and predict how long winter will be.

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According to the superstition, if Phil sees his shadow we’ll have an additional six weeks of winter.

Well this year, as the groundhog emerged from his burrow in Gobbler’s Knob, a hill outside the town for which the animal is named, the little critter did NOT see his shadow. This means we will be getting spring a bit early this year. YAY!

The prediction became official when the announcer at the event shouted “Take your jackets off,” at 7:30 a.m. EST Tuesday morning.

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As fun as the tradition is though, Phil isn’t that much more accurate than flipping a coin. Since 1988, the furry guy has been right 13 times, and failed in his prediction 15.

C’mon Phil! It’s almost as if you have no magical power at all!

And really, it’s not even up to the groundhog as the Inner Circle decides ahead of time what Phil’s prediction will be. Talk about pulling the curtain back!

Surprisingly, this year’s prediction is a bit rare as a longer winter has been forecast 102 times and early spring only 18 times since 1887.

What do you think about this year’s seasonal outlook?

Feb 2, 2016 9:46am PDT

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