Kanye West Ends His Feud With Wiz Khalifa In One Single Tweet!

Is the beef over??

And just like that, it’s all over!!

Following Kim Kardashian West and Amber Rose‘s Internet breaking selfie, Kanye West and Wiz Khalifa have made up!

While the father of two did initially take back some of the horrible things he said in a heated Twitter exchange with the fellow rapper last week, it didn’t exactly seem Wiz was going to forgive all too easily.

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In case you missed it, the Black and Yellow artist slammed Yeezy during one of his concerts!

But on Tuesday, an apologetic Ye took to Twitter once more to say they’ve patched things up:

Wow. Considering it’s being reported that Kim was the one who reached out to Amber, we have to wonder if she made her husband reach out to Wiz, too.

We wouldn’t be surprised, though all that’s missing here is a selfie of Kanye and Khalifa!

That would really ruin the Internet!!

[Image via WENN.]

Feb 2, 2016 4:01pm PDT

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