TMI, Kendra Wilkinson! The Playboy Alum Just Shared The Sh*ttiest Story!

Hear the sh*t saga HERE!

We know Kendra Wilkinson isn’t one to hold anything back, but we never really expected this!

On Tuesday, the blonde beauty took to Twitter to share what most people might consider to be too much information about her, um, bowels.

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The 30-year-old shared on social media that she was in desperate need of a bathroom because, apparently, she REALLY had to poop.

She wrote:

That’s certainly a crappy complication, girl, but maybe keep it to yourself? Otherwise it’s kind of awkward.

However, the turd talk was FAR from over. The Playboy alum got pretty graphic while she was describing her poop problem, adding:

Ew. Grossssss. Seriously, Ken, we didn’t need to know that!

However, the sh*t saga finally came to a close! So, did the Kendra On Top star’s fecal frustration have a happy ending? She posted:

Well, we’ve officially lost our appetites. What do U think of Kendra’s toilet tale? Was it too much, or totally normal? SOUND OFF in the comments!

[Image via Emoji, Kendra Wilkinson/Instagram.]

Feb 2, 2016 4:59pm PDT

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