Melissa McCarthy Says She Wasn’t Even Asked To Join The Gilmore Girls Reunion — And It Sounds Like She Has No Plans To Come Back!

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No Sookie for you, Gilmore Girls fans!

We had a tiny glimmer of hope that Melissa McCarthy might make a small cameo in the Gilmore Girls revival — but now that hope is dead!

In a recent interview, series creator Amy Sherman-Palladino said they would “write her a scene” if the Spy star had any free time available from her busy filming schedule.

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Sherman-Palladino reportedly told Melissa’s team that the production would “put her right in” a scene if she were to drop by when she was available.

But that’s not what the Ghostbusters star is saying!

Responding to a fan inquiry on Twitter on Tuesday, the 45-year-old seemed to make it pretty clear that she wasn’t planning on coming back to the series. She wrote:

“Wish them all the best”?! That’s what you write in someone’s yearbook if you never plan on speaking to them after graduation!

We’re a bit confused because Amy made it pretty clear that she told someone on Melissa’s team that the writers wanted her back. Maybe the actress just didn’t get the memo?

This is starting to sound an awfully lot like the saga in which John Stamos said that the Olsen Twins declined his invitation to reunite for Fuller House, but Mary Kate & Ashley said they knew nothing about it…

As for Gilmore Girls, it looks like we’ll have to accept that the four-part Netflix miniseries will be Sookie-less!

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Feb 2, 2016 6:00pm PDT

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