Watch As A Grieving Mother Gets To Hear Her Late Son’s Heart Beating Again — In A 4-Year-Old Girl’s Chest!

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This is so bittersweet!!!

A California mother who lost her seven-month old baby in June 2013 was able to hear his heart beating again this week — in the body of a four-year old girl.

Heather Clark was a new mom nearly three years ago when her son Lukas died suddenly.

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During the pain and anguish that followed, she decided to donate his organs so that other families wouldn’t have to go through the same pain she had felt.

One of those organs — Lukas’ heart — made its way to Jordan Drake, who was born with a congenital heart defect and spent the first two years of her young life going through six heart surgeries and other serious medical issues.

In the ensuing two years after Lukas’ heart was donated to Jordan, Clark and Jordan’s mother, Esther Gonzalez, had kept in touch by phone, mail, and social media — until this week.

Now, more than two years after the heart transplant, Clark was able to finally meed Drake and Gonzalez, and the grieving mother held a stethoscope to Jordan’s chest to hear her heart — and her son’s heart — beating strongly inside.

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For Clark, the decision to donate life was simple:

“I knew if Lukas could prevent another family from experiencing the loss that I felt, that’s what I needed to do.”

But for Jacqueline Keidel of Donate Life Arizona, the organization that worked with Jordan to find her a healthy heart, Clark’s actions speak volumes in what is a very difficult situation:

“You have a family that’s gone through the most tragic loss of their life and that can be tough for them. On the other side, there’s survivor guilt, living out your life knowing someone passed away in order for you to be here today.”

Even though Drake is too young right now to fully understand what happened, she’ll certainly be told the story when she gets older, Gonzalez reveals.

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Plus, Clark isn’t going anywhere — she plans on staying a part of Drake’s life, following up with her high school graduation, wedding, and other major milestones, too.


Ch-ch-check out the inspiring video (below) for more:

So sad, but so sweet — good for you, Heather!

[Image via Donate Life Arizona.]

Feb 2, 2016 11:55am PDT

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