Cover Your Ears, Duggars! Amy Duggar Divulges Juicy Details About Her Dating Life Prior To Wedding Dillon King!

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Amy Duggar King is definitely not like her famous family!

In a recent interview, Mrs. King revealed her serial dating past prior to marrying husband Dillon King in September. Let’s just say the Duggars will NOT want to hear these wild tales!

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According to King, her dating experiences were greatly different than her cousins. While the Duggars girls must live with “courting” and supervised dates, Amy revealed she chose to play by her own rules.

The rebel Duggar confessed:

“I used to date bodybuilder types. But they just turned out to be one dud after another. I can at least count six guys I’ve dated. As soon as I discovered a major flaw like a temper or anything like that, I realized really quickly I didn’t need that in my life.”

While “six guys” might not seem like a lot to some women, it’s actually shocking compared to Jill Duggar Dillard and Jessa Duggar Seewald‘s romantic histories. In fact, her cousins have never dated more than one man!

A.K. added:

“It looked like I jumped from guy to guy, but I’m glad I dated that much before marriage because it showed me what kind of characteristics I wanted to find and the personalities that worked well with mine.”

Makes sense to us! It sounds like it all worked out for Amy in the end.

But wait… what about sexy times before marriage?

The beauty explained:

“I think kissing before marriage should happen. What if you get married and then that connection isn’t there?”

Once again, all good points! It’s a far cry from Jill and Jessa having their first kisses in a church, though!

Despite a little necking, King admitted the pair didn’t live together or have sex before walking down the aisle. It’s important to note though that the TWO did engage in premarital sex with other people prior to meeting.

Elaborating on why she chose to have sex before marriage, Amy confided:

“I think that if I was a virgin on my wedding night and had never been kissed, I would end up rocking in the corner! That is so much emotion all at once.”

Ha! Well, it’s important to do what makes you feel most comfortable!

So, what do YOU think of Amy’s confessions?

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Feb 3, 2016 2:02pm PST

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