EXCLUSIVE! MTV Launches Groundbreaking Invisible Ads Campaign To Address Rape Culture!

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Ignoring a problem doesn’t make it go away!

While we live in a culture where being constantly distracted is the new social norm, this also causes us to often dismiss huge issues that need to be addressed.

That’s why MTV‘s Look Different is launching an innovative viral ad campaign with a commentary on how modern society ignores rape and sexual assault — just like they ignore advertisements.

The Invisible Ads campaign will feature an array of digital, on-air, and traditional ads that are visually reminiscent of the ads we see all the time and automatically block out as white noise.

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But instead, these ads will send provocative messages touching on current issues like rape accusations on campus, victim blaming, and sexual assault statistics.

The goal here is to show how we as a culture tend to disregard rape and sexual assault — but they won’t go away until we do something about it!

Check out the TV spot (below) and go HERE to learn more about the Invisible Ads campaign!

[Image via MTV.]

Feb 3, 2016 10:00am PDT

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