TIDAL & Universal Are Blaming Each Other For Rihanna’s ANTI Leak — And It’s All Kinds Of Shady!

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The bigger they are, the harder they fall…

Rihanna was set to have one of the biggest debuts of 2015, but after months of rescheduling the release of ANTI, she may have contributed to her own demise.

Even though the 27-year-old pushed over 1 million copies of her eighth studio album in just 15 hours on TIDAL, she only actually sold 1,000 copies, debuting at No. 27 on the Billboard 200!

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Well, now that ANTI officially did not live up to the anticipation, it looks like the executives attached to the flop are trying to distance themselves from RiRi’s latest work.

In fact, shortly after the album’s initial leak, TIDAL’s director of marketing Grace Kim released a statement ensuring fans everything was okay, saying:

“Look, we know what happened here, in the sense that unfortunately we still rely on systems, and there was a system error. But I don’t think it hurt it at all.”

Nice enough, right?

That is, until another TIDAL exec clarified Grace’s first comments, saying:

“[Grace was] referring to a system error caused by Universal Music Group. The error was not something TIDAL caused.”

Damn, Jay Z!

Naturally, the largest music corporation in the world wasn’t going to stand for such disrespect, and issued a pointed rebuttal of their own, saying:

“This whole thing is absurd, we would have taken responsibility if it were our error. Instead of having their flack flail around trying to revise their own media spin, maybe they should just focus on serving Rihanna… that’s what we’re focused on.”


We’re inclined to believe Universal since the leak literally came through TIDAL’s own player, but who really knows?

All we know is no one wants to take the blame for ANTI‘s abysmal numbers… Sorry, Ri!

[Image via Rihanna/Instagram.]

Feb 3, 2016 11:30am PDT

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