Ellie Goulding Vows To Knock Martin Shkreli ‘Clean Out’ After He Calls Her A One-Hit Wonder! See How The Strange Feud Escalated!

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Who keeps inviting him to things?

Martin Shkreli isn’t exactly the most beloved person in America after he infamously raised the price of an AIDS drug by more than 5000 percent overnight, but he’s now found himself in yet another random feud.

After causing a stir by contemplating destroying the sole copy of the Wu Tang Clan album he paid $2 million for in an auction, the 32-year-old somehow found himself in a Twitter battle with Ellie Goulding this week.

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Ellie and Martin went back and forth a number of times, culminating with the former promising to knock him “clean out” if she were to ever meet him!

See the escalating conflict (below):

We’ve seen her fitness skills… we’d be a bit scared if we were you, Martin!

I feel all pain and then I feel noneA video posted by elliegoulding (@elliegoulding) on Jan 14, 2016 at 5:37am PST

Plus, we’re not sure whether he’s calling Starry Eyed, Lights, Anything Could Happen, Burn, Love Me Like You Do, or On My Mind her one-hit wonder… but clearly that’s not the case regardless.

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But believe it or not, Ellie isn’t the only notable person Martin managed to piss off today — he actually continued his feud with Wu Tang Clan by threatening to smack Ghostface Killah AND insulted Congress by smirking throughout his fraud testimony before calling them all imbeciles on Twitter:

He sure knows how to press buttons, that’s for sure.

Ch-ch-check out Martin’s strangely evasive meeting with Congress (below)!!!

[Image via Ellie Goulding/Instagram and Twitter.]

Feb 4, 2016 1:26pm PDT

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