Fifty Shades Darker To Film In Paris! City Welcomes Productions After Terror Attacks — But With Some New Restrictions…

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Paris has always been a staple location for filming movies, but the city saw a lull in production after getting rocked by terror attacks last November.

But with major film shoots lined up for the first months of 2016, the City of Light is gearing up for a rebound!

Fifty Shades Darker — one of 2017’s most anticipated blockbusters — is scheduled to shoot for several days in Paris!

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According to studio officials, the Fifty Shades Of Grey sequel will bring stars Dakota Johnson and Jamie Dornan to the city “within the first six months” of this year.

But American blockbusters aren’t the only films getting Parisian — Bollywood film Befikre will shoot for 13 weeks in France, 10 of which will be in Paris.

While no major projects were canceled or delayed in the wake of the attacks, producers voiced their support to the Ile-de-France Film Commission to ensure their enthusiasm for filming in the city.

Deputy director of the commission Stephane Martinet said:

“It seems there is some sort of resilience among the film industry. Producers, in particular from the U.S., voiced their support to us after the attacks and reinforced their willingness to pursue their projects. They want to send a message.”


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For now, film shootings are proceeding as normal with tightened security, but there are a few exceptions.

According to officials, there are restrictions in certain areas near embassies and major landmarks — and other high target areas are off limits. A police officer explained:

“For example, a scene in front of a bank would not be possible, or shooting with guns. We would have to do an analysis of the scene, and fake guns could be used, but no sounds. [Gunshot] sounds would have to be done in a studio, because the noise might scare people.”

Makes sense. We’re so happy the city is seeing a resurgence in filming!

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Feb 4, 2016 5:13pm PDT

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