Steven Avery’s Twin Sons Speak Out About Making A Murderer For The First Time — Only One Of Them Thinks Their Father Is Innocent!

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There’s now even more support in Steven Avery‘s corner.

Making a Murderer is being talked about more than ever now that the man behind the craze has hired a new attorney in order to eventually get a retrial.

While most people who’ve watched the ten-part Netflix docu-series agree that Steve was wrongfully convicted — or at least was given an unfair trial on the chance that he did kill Teresa Halbach — the latest development in the case may actually be the most important to him.

That’s because his twin sons Bill Avery and Steven Avery, Jr. just sat down for their first-ever interview about their father!

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On top of speaking about their lives now that they’re in the public eye and all the scrutiny that comes with it, Bill actually says he thinks his father is innocent!

Steve Jr., on the other hand, thinks that Steven and Brendan Dassey at least deserve another trial since the 2005 investigation was “shady”, to say the least.

Make sure to catch the entire Crime Watch Daily interview February 8 in syndication.

Ch-ch-check out Bill and Steven’s first on-camera interview (below)!!!

[Image via Crime Watch Daily.]

Feb 5, 2016 12:06pm PDT

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