Rory Feek Pens Touching Tribute To His Cousin & Recalls The Moment He Met His Now-Ailing Wife Joey

Joey Feek Update

Rory Feek is continuing to blog about all of the wonderful memories he’s shared with his ailing wife Joey as she spends her remaining days battling terminal cancer.

In his latest post dedicated to his cousin and manager Aaron Carnahan on his birthday, the country singer describes all the many ways his life has paralleled to Aaron’s.

For instance, both men have been married twice, have three children (one of whom has Down syndrome), and both have wives who have tragically been diagnosed with cancer.

If you think that’s nuts, here’s an even crazier commonality:

“Aaron’s wife Jill grew up in the same farmhouse in Illinois her whole life. She has 4 siblings whose names all begin with letter J├óΓé¼┬ª Jeff, Jason, Jeremy and Jamie. My wife Joey grew up in the same farmhouse in Indiana her whole life and she has 4 siblings also. Their names are Jody, Julie, Justin and Jessie.”


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Although Jill has since recovered from her cancer diagnosis, Rory writes that Aaron had a very difficult time when Joey got the news:

“When I called Aaron in May of 2014 and told him that the doctors suspected that Joey had a tumor on her cervix├óΓé¼┬ª he couldn’t take any more. I remember him crying on the phone and saying├óΓé¼┬ª ‘you can’t have this. This is where it has to stop├óΓé¼┬ª’ That was the one place where the paralleling of our lives was almost too much for him to bare.”

Before Rory met Joey, he had been on the search for a love like Aaron and Jill’s — which is just when it happened for him:

“His second marriage to Jill Hodel was the vision of marriage that I had always hoped for and dreamed of. So beside my bed each night, I prayed that God might bring someone special into my life, like He had brought to Aaron. Not long after that, I was playing a show at the Bluebird Cafe and a beautiful brown-eyed girl with a boy’s name was in the audience listening. Joey and I got married in 2002.”

Joey + Rory married on June 15 which so happened to be the Carnahans’ fifth wedding anniversary. Aaron was the best man.

We can’t make this stuff up, y’all!

Years later, Aaron took on the role of managing the country singing duo, and even submitted them for CMT‘s Can You Duet. And the rest is history:

“What we’ve been able to accomplish since Aaron started working with us had been nothing short of amazing. And now, here we are in 2016 and Aaron’s still managing├óΓé¼┬ª us├óΓé¼┬ª our music├óΓé¼┬ª and where life has led us. But mostly I think he’s just doing his best to manage the pain he feels. He wants so desperately to fix this for us, but he knows he can’t. I think he’s cried more tears over what is happening right now than all of us put together.”

How truly blessed the Feek’s are to have such an amazing support system, during the good and bad times.

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Feb 5, 2016 5:59pm PDT

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