Susan Sarandon & Piers Morgan In A Feud Over Boobs! See How This Cleavage War Went Wild!

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Piers Morgan has been known for getting in a feud or two and calling out celebrities, and it looks like he’s found a new target — Susan Sarandon!

At last weekend’s SAG Awards, the 69-year-old actress looked FAB sporting a white suit, no shirt, and only a black bra underneath.

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While we loved the carefree look, apparently Piers had a problem with it as he either watched the show a few days late, or it took him that long to gather his thoughts on the matter. On Wednesday, the Brit took to Twitter to shade Susan by saying:

Don’t worry, the actress had the PERFECT response involving Throwback Thursday:

LOLz! You tell him grrrl!

Unfortunately the exchange didn’t stop there as Morgan felt he needed to share another image:

The feud has sparked a TON of support for the Thelma & Louise actress as several fans have taken to the social media site to share their own cleavage shots and send them to both celebs!

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While the Oscar winner and talk show host have both retweeted SEVERAL images and tweets on the matter, Morgan has continued to feel the need talk more on the matter saying:

Apparently the 50-year-old must have had the last couple days off and he has nothing better to do with his time than perpetuate a feud and fuel fan reactions.

Classy, Piers, always classy.

What do you think of the battle of the boobs?

[Image via Rocky/Fayes Vision/WENN.]

Feb 5, 2016 9:02am PDT

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