Sea Lion Pup Found Sleeping In A Booth At A Restaurant — Get The Cute But Sad Deets HERE!

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This is cute — but sad!

A sea lion pup was found sleeping in the booth of a restaurant in San Diego on Thursday morning, badly dehydrated and needing help!

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The pup was found at the Marine Room restaurant just before employees opened up, so they called Sea World, who came and rescued the 8-month old girl.

She weighed just 20 pounds, which is about half of what the animal should weigh at that age — and even though she’s really, REALLY cute (below), you can tell she needs help:

A Sea World spokesperson informed reporters they are “cautiously optimistic” that the pup will be OK, adding:

“We hope to get her rehabilitated and back out into the wild. She’s getting lots of fluids.”

That’s a relief!

The restaurant’s manager, Matt Caponi, said he thinks the pup got in through a back door left open earlier that morning by a restaurant employee:

“Maybe [she] thought we were open for high-tide breakfast, but we weren’t. We told [her] to come back for the weekend.”


She’s just the cutest though, isn’t she (below)?!

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Now let’s just hope she gets the care she needs!

[Image via Bernard Guillas/Facebook.]

Feb 6, 2016 11:33am PST

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