Kim Kardashian & Amber Rose Called A Truce Between Their Feuding Families — Celebrate With The Top 10 Vines Of The Week!

kim kardashian amber rose truce

Miracles DO happen!

ICYMI: Earlier this week, Amber Rose and Kim Kardashian West took a selfie that proved a truce between their feuding families. As we previously reported, Miz Rose clapped back at Kanye West after he and her baby daddy Wiz Khalifa got into it on Twitter.

Drama, Drama, Drama — or at least, there was!

In honor of the peace treaty between the A-listers, we’ve compiled the best six second vids that dropped online these past seven days! Uh, you’re welcome.

Be sure to ch-ch-check out the top 10 Vines of this week for yourself (below)!

10. Valentine’s Day couldn’t come soon enough!

9. Three words: Treat yo’ self!

8. This is why middle schoolers are responsible for NOTHING!

7. This was better than Scream Queens… just saying.

6. We would’ve wet our pants.

5. Some guys just can’t take the hint.

4. This actually can’t be a healthy thing!

3. We’re still upset that Tom Brady won’t be in the Super Bowl. Sniff!

2. Is anyone else intrigued by this?

1. Please let us know if our laugh ever gets like THIS!

Feb 7, 2016 12:01am PDT

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