Rosie O’Donnell Tries To Make Light Of Her Parenting Drama With A Questionable Comedy Routine

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Why, Rosie O’Donnell… why?

Months after the comedienne’s dramatic and PUBLIC feud with her daughter Chelsea O’Donnell, the momma delivered a controversial comedy routine making light of the situation.

Or, at least O’Donnell TRIED to get some laughs…

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Speaking on the “nightmare” of parenting teens at The Fund for Women’s Equality & The ERA Coalition‘s A Night of Comedy with Jane Fonda, the 53-year-old joked:

“My teenagers are a nightmare, they’re horrible. I had four teenagers when I decided to adopt a newborn baby. You might ask why. Because I had four teenagers and I needed to remind myself that I actually do love children. Because I would trade each teen for autistic triplets, I am just saying I would.”

Woah. That bit is definitely straddling the line of offensive…

While most of Rosie’s routine was probably aimed at her estranged daughter, the talk show host’s son also wasn’t safe:

“My son told me he’s writing a book, Life With Mom: Not So Rosie. I found it annoying. I did the best I could. They blame you for everything.”

Sounds like O’Donnell’s daughter isn’t the only one with a chip on her shoulder! We just hope R.O.’s son doesn’t implode like poor Chelsea did..

Further complaining about her parental issues, she lamented:

“I didn’t have parents! My mother died, my father was a drunk abusive idiot. I had nothing, and my children complain, ‘You wouldn’t even help me with math!'”

Well, all kids have different needs, Ro!

So, what do YOU think of Rosie’s routine?

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Feb 8, 2016 2:37pm PST

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