Watch Kylie Jenner’s Epic Snapchat Soap Opera — Foursomes! Cheating! Heartbreak! Kendall Jenner Without Pants!

Kylie Jenner

Did you miss Kylie Jenner‘s EPIC Snapchat soap opera on Monday night?

Not to fear, Perezcious readers, we’ve got you covered!

The KUWTK star created what some are calling the most riveting Snapchat performance of the year — there’s romance, there’s heartbreak, and there’s scandal… all delivered by the star-studded cast including Kendall Jenner, Hailey Baldwin, Harry Hudson, and of course, Kylie.

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Without giving too much away, Harry ends up locked in a closet after being caught in a love square (?) between all of the ladies pining for his heart — including a pants-less Kendall.

Only to wake up (in bed with said ladies) to realize it was all a dream!

The creativity! The (terrible) acting! You’ve truly gotta see the 32-part movie (including intermission) for yourself.

Could this be the new take on the Zola phenomenon? Watch all the drama unfold and let us know what you think (below)!

Ha!!! Looks like Kylizzle might have a knack for making home movies… and not the Kim Kardashian West kind!

We’ve gotta say, this is way more entertaining than Kylie just staring at herself like in her usual snaps.

And others agree! The short film has received accolades from all over the Interwebs — including from KKW herself!


Do U think these were Oscar-worthy performances, Perezcious readers?? SOUND OFF in the comments!

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Feb 9, 2016 11:53am PST

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