Oscars Producers Introduce A ‘Thank-You Scroll’ In Hopes Of Livening Up Winners’ Speeches — But Will It Work?

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The Oscars are just around the corner, which means all the nominees are writing down their speeches — which usually include long lists of producers, directors, and agents who helped make the role come to fruition.

But this year, the winners are going to have to speak from the heart, because they’ll already be covered in the “thank you” department!

In an attempt to mix up the prestigious ceremony, award show producers Reginald Hudlin and David Hill asked each nominee to fill out a “scroll card” that includes their list of names to thank!

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According to the producers, the names written on the card will scroll along the bottom of the screen, so the winner can use the allotted 45 seconds to say something more meaningful to all those watching the event!

While some might think of this new tactic as a snub to the people who got the movie made, the producers argue that the scroll is actually better than a shout-out — because it can be screen grabbed, saying:

“Words are written on the winds. A screen grab of your scroll can be kept forever.”

While that sounds a little tacky to us, we totally think this would help liven up the show!

Not only will it reduce the time where viewers are bored listening to a bunch of names they don’t care about, but it will give the winners a chance to really say something they actually care about in their moment of glory… or panic and go back to reading off the list anyway!

Do U think the thank you scroll will change up the Academy Awards at all??

Feb 9, 2016 6:56pm PST

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