Teresa & Joe Giudice Get REAL About Their Marriage & Address The Cheating Rumors That Circulated While The RHONJ Star Was In Prison — Eek!

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There were a lot of things said about Teresa Giudice‘s marriage when she was behind bars — and it looks like she’s ready to clear the air!

In case you forgot, there were rumors that the Real Housewives of New Jersey star’s husband, Joe Giudice, strayed a bit while his wife served an almost year-long sentence at the Federal Correctional Institution in Danbury, CT. Awkward!

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However, Tre and her man are in no way encouraging this type of gossip! In a recent interview with People magazine, she shared:

“No women has ever come up to me and said that my husband was having an affair with them. It’s sad that if there are any women around him people take pictures of him and sell the photos to a magazine. I feel bad for him.”

Hmm, we’re not sure about that. But hey, it’s your marriage!

Still, Miz Giudice is pretty confident about the status of her relationship as she continued:

“…every photo that I see of him with other women I know who the women are. He could be out with friends that are single and, you know if they’re talking to girls, that doesn’t mean that Joe is doing anything just because a girl is sitting at the same table as them. So I feel bad for him in a way. Because the poor guy, you know, he’s not doing that.”

Although the gossip hasn’t affected their relationship, it seems the media coverage has put a strain on their relationship with fans. Joe added:

“Now if a girl comes up to me and says can we take a picture, I’m like, ‘I really can’t and I’m sorry.'”

Well that’s gotta be so rough for him! Nonetheless, we’re glad to see that Joe is appreciating his wife more now that she’s back home. He relayed:

“Our marriage has always been strong. We never had a problem with our marriage. But I definitely learned to appreciate her more not having her around for a year.”

Awww! Regardless, it looks like trust is the key to Teresa and Joe’s successful union. She concluded:

“I have single friends so if I’m going to be out and if there’s people around us and if there’s men around us, I’m not going to be like, ‘Oh my God, stay away from us, I’m afraid somebody is going to take a picture of us.’ I’m just going to live my life. Joe trusts me, he knows I’m faithful, I know he’s faithful and that’s all that matters.

We’ve been married 16 years. Listen, we’re both devoted to each other, and I don’t have a collar around his neck. If we didn’t want to be around each other we would both go our separate ways.”

Luckily, the 43-year-old won’t have to deal with any more cheating rumors as her man is slated to enter prison later this year. WE TEASE.

We are curious to see if the Bravolebrity dishes about any drama between herself and Juicy Joe in her new book Turning the Tables: From Housewife to Inmate and Back Again… we guess we’re just going to have to snag a copy to find out!

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Feb 9, 2016 9:01am PDT

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