How Do You Solve A Problem Like Olivia?! Ben Higgins Found A Way On Last Night’s Bachelor Episode!

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Oh, Ben Higgins.

Whatever did you get yourself into?!

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America’s favorite fairly good-looking, moderately safe, tall single guy took his troop of love-seekers (and also Chris Harrison) to the Bahamas on Monday night’s brand new episode of The Bachelor, and so much stuff happened we’re still trying to wrap our heads around it!

Olivia Caridi met her match, Leah Block decided to pull an Olivia, Caila Quinn got all smiley, and there were oceanic pigs involved and just… ok, well, here’s the rundown:

Things started where they left off last week, with that whole unresolved rose ceremony. Well, we jumped right in last night with Ben giving Jen Saviano the boot instead of Olivia, who we were ALL hoping would be next to go.

Alas! To the Bahamas!

Once on the island paradise, Ben pulled Caila aside for the first one-on-one date of the night. Caila’s a cool gal — she’s fun, she smiles a lot, she’s pretty uncomplicated… so Ben went and messed that up by asking her a bunch of needlessly complicated questions.

But it’s OK Ben! We still like you! Caila does, too, because she accepted his rose on the date.

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After that, it was group date time and — oh boy — this one went to the pigs.

Ben took the ladies (minus Olivia and remaining twin Emily Ferguson) out to swim with sea pigs and feed them hot dogs. The pigs, that is. Not the girls.

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On the bizarre pig parade, our Bachelor had a little public PDA with Lauren B. and then after he realized how public it was, complained about it to JoJo Fletcher, and was called out on it by Becca Tilley.

No matter!

Naturally, the group date rose went to… Amanda Stanton! (We’re confused, too.)

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Just as we thought that’d be it for the group date, Leah came out of the woodwork — remember her? Yeah, we didn’t either.

In a surprise move, she tried to throw some shade at Lauren B. either (a) in a desperate attempt to save herself, or (b) to make Olivia look like Mother Teresa… and honestly, neither one worked.

Ben saw right through the shadiness (twice! She did it twice!) and even before the rose ceremony pulled her aside and told her things weren’t really working out.

She cried, and we cried, and everybody cried, and it was sad. Just kidding! We didn’t cry. We were buy microwaving popcorn. Bye, Leah!

Back with a bowl of popcorn for the cringeworthy 2-on-1 date, we saw Ben, Emily, and Olivia head out to the beach for a totally-not-awkward not-threesome.

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Cocky ol’ Olivia was pretty certain she was going to get a rose on the date, and when Ben pulled her away to talk privately, even Emily broke down crying, astonished that Ben would give her a rose again.

But wait! The Bachelor boy himself pulled the ol’ switcheroo! After Olivia confessed her feelings of love, he confessed his feelings of not-love, and dumped her on the spot.

Ding, dong, the witch is DEAD!!!

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Hey, a beach in the Bahamas is actually not a bad place to get dumped. (There weren’t any sea pigs on this beach, though. Sad.)

So Ben’s happy, Emily’s happy, everybody’s happy that Olivia is not happy, blah blah blah — fast forward to the final rose ceremony where a surprising elimination went down: Lauren H. was left without a rose!

Awww!!! Sad! We liked her.

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Alas, it’s a competition, and now with Olivia and Leah gone, it appears like good girls are going to have to start getting eliminated, too.

But what do U think… Who’s the frontrunner now?? And who will be in the final three?!

[Image via The Bachelor/ABC.]

Feb 9, 2016 10:26am PST

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