Kristin Cavallari’s Brother Was Naked When His Body Was Found — Get The Sad Details About His Final Moments


New details are emerging about the tragic passing of Michael Cavallari last year.

As we previously reported, Grand County officials have ruled that the death of Kristin Cavallari‘s brother was accidental, explaining that the official cause was hypothermia.

And now, we’re learning more about her late sibling’s final moments.

According to a report by county authorities, investigators found that the troubled man was naked when they discovered his body in the Utah wilderness.

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Police say his clothing was on the ground, and officials believe that before he died he suffered from what’s called paradoxical undressing. This is something that happens in 20 to 50% of hypothermia deaths.

During moderate to severe cases, the victim becomes disoriented and takes off their clothes, which causes them to lose body heat even faster.

So sad.

We’re also learning more about what Michael might’ve been doing in Utah before he died. The report stated that his mother, Judy, told police that he had suffered from psychological issues like bipolar disorder.

Apparently, he had told his mom that he was afraid a gang member was after him.

Authorities revealed that when Michael’s car was found, it contained two cell phones, a laptop, and a bag filled with $18 thousand in cash.

Our hearts are broken by this sad news, and we’re thinking of everyone affected by this difficult loss.

[Image via Grand County Sheriff’s Office.]

Feb 10, 2016 9:07pm PDT

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