This Producer Tweeting Real Descriptions Of Women In Movie Scripts Is HILARIOUS… Until You Realize Just How Sad It Really Is!

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This is not OK.

No matter how hard Jennifer Lawrence, Lena Dunham, and Amy Schumer try to fight it, sexism is alive and well in Hollywood.

And while social awareness for female inequality in film — and every profession, for that matter — may be at an all-time high, that doesn’t mean the industry itself is ready to change.

Just ask Ross Putman, a producer who is doing his best to highlight just how bad things really are for women, even at the earliest stages of filmmaking.

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Ross went viral on Wednesday after he created a Twitter account to display actual descriptions for female characters, (all of whom he’s renamed JANE for the sake of anonymity,) that he’s read in legitimate scripts — and while it may seem funny at first, it’s actually just sad.

In fact, every single woman featured is characterized almost entirely by her looks!

A rare heroine is granted the ability of athleticism or wit — but not at the expense of being “as adorable as she is sexy.”

Ch-ch-check out the sad truth of Hollywood’s problem with writing strong female characters (below)!!!

Gross, right??

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Feb 10, 2016 4:51pm PDT

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