This Fan Correctly Guessed Kanye West’s The Life Of Pablo Album Name! Find Out How He Cracked The Code & Who He Thinks Pablo Is!

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The mystery of Yeezy’s album title is finally revealed!

On Monday, Kanye West announced he had yet again changed the name of his upcoming seventh album!

What first was titled So Help Me God later changed to SWISH, before becoming Waves… only to be changed again to the mysterious title T.L.O.P.!

And to stir some more buzz, the rapper promised tickets to Thursday’s Yeezy Season 3 show and a pair of Yeezys to anyone who could decode the cryptic acronym!

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An overwhelming wave of guesses flooded the internet, but only one fan got it right: Dante Holley, who correctly guessed the name of the album is The Life Of Pablo!

The 20-year-old rapper and producer from New Jersey, who credits Kanye for being one of his biggest influences, tweeted multiple guesses on Monday night (including The Last Optimus Prime and The Laws Of Power) before deciding to try to look for clues.

Speaking to MTV News, he said:

“When I first saw [T.L.O.P.] I initially thought it’d be ├óΓé¼╦£the something of something,’ and then I thought The Life Of The Party. But then I was listening back to the first two singles he dropped [Real Friends and No More Parties In L.A.] to look for clues. And that’s when I heard the lyric, ├óΓé¼╦£I feel like Pablo when I’m working on my shoes.'”

The No More Parties In L.A. lyric — which Holley believes is a reference to Pablo Escobar — was the only clue he needed to correctly guess the album title!

On Monday night, he sent the tweet from his record label account HW4L Records:

And two days later, Yeezy confirmed the title himself with a tracklist. While Holley says he’s a fan of the title, he doesn’t think it’s the best one the rapper tested out, adding:

“To be honest, I think So Help Me God was the best title ever. It was just so boss.”

We’re sure he’ll start embracing the new title once he gets that pair of fresh Yeezys in the mail! LOLz!

What do YOU think of Kanye’s album title?

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Feb 11, 2016 11:12am PDT

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