Um, What’s A Potato Log? Teresa Giudice Shares Her Creative Prison Diet & Other Life Hacks!

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Who knew Teresa Giudice was so thrifty?!

Now that Teresa’s prison memoir is finally here, we’re starting to get more information on her life behind bars in Danbury, Connecticut. While Giudice’s tales of jailed sexy times and fights are very entertaining, her slammer diet and new life hacks are just as good!

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While we already knew Giudice was able to stay fit in prison thanks to workout classes, we’re now learning that prison vermin also helped her to stay svelte.

Yep, there was once MAGGOTS found in Danbury’s rice supply, a situation Tre managed to find a silver lining in:

“I was starting to cut out the carbs, so it worked out anyway.”

Well, we guess there’s a positive to every predicament!

Unfortunately for the reality star, she’d often go hungry due to the lack of dining options. Not a fan of jail tacos or hot dogs, the momma looked to her fellow inmates for more creative options, like potato logs.

What’s a potato log, you ask?

Let Teresa explain:

“I have to say, the girls got really creative. This one thing they would always make, it was called a potato log. It was a bag of potato chips ├óΓé¼ΓÇ¥ you add water, you crush it and then you spread it out. You put chicken or mackerel in the middle, and you roll it.”

How… delicious! We wonder if T.G. has whipped this creation up for her family yet!

As for the Italian’s life saver product while in jail, she had nothing but great things to say about Vicks vapor rub:

“When you can’t breathe, put Vicks underneath your feet, and then put your socks on. If you have a pimple, put Vicks on it; if you have a headache, put Vicks on your temples. Vicks cured everything. You can even drink Vicks.”

Ha! Vicks is probably loving all this free promotion right about now!

So, will YOU be trying the potato log?

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Feb 12, 2016 12:29pm PDT

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