Two 15-Year-Old Girls Dead In ‘Isolated’ High School Shooting

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Police in Glendale, Arizona are reporting that two 15-year-old girls are dead after a shooting inside the city’s Independence High School early Friday morning.

The shooting, which police say happened in an “isolated” part of campus, occurred just before 8 a.m. local time, with the two girls being the only victims.

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Officer Tracey Breeden of the Glendale Police Department released a statement to the media about the incident, indicating the likely weapon was found next to the girls’ bodies by authorities, and that police are not currently considering any outstanding suspects in the case.

Officer Breeden continued:

“This was not any sort of active shooter incident and there is no danger to the school or community at this time.”

The school is still on lockdown as of late Friday morning, with parents being told to stage at a WalMart near the campus while they await more information about their children inside:

Police will continue to investigate this sad story, and we’ll have more updates as necessary when they become available.

[Image via 12 News/NBC.]

Feb 12, 2016 2:43pm PDT

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