EXCLUSIVE! Astrologer Extraordinaire Terry Nazon Reveals What Sun Sign You Should Be Romancing This Valentine’s Day!

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Terry Nazon is BACK!

In an EXCLUSIVE! conversation with astrology expert Terry, we learned what sun sign you should ask out on Valentine’s Day… and her answers might surprise you!

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Speaking on what most people know about sun sign compatibility, Nazon revealed:

“The key to a Valentine’s love that lasts, might not be the love that’s the easiest. Any newbie to astrology knows that Sun signs of the same element are compatible. For example, Fire signs Aries, Leo and Sagittarius would be compatible; Earth signs Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn are compatible; Air signs Gemini, Libra and Aquarius get along well enough; and water signs Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces swim together just fine, Right?

Hello, boring! What you might not realize is that you could be bored by someone who makes it too easy, and when there’s too much compatibility there’s not enough passion or lust. A Zodiac sign of the same sign or element, might not be the best choice for romance and hot passion. Successful relationships that last, thrive when there’s a little tension. In love, a challenge is what keeps the embers burning and the passion strong over the long haul.”

Hmm, how inneresting! We guess sometimes it’s okay to step outside of your element (pun intended!), in order to find a sizzlin’ connection!

So, without further ado… find out your V-Day lovescope (below)!

Aries: You find love in the fast lane with another Aries. In fact, another Aries might be the only Sun sign that actually gets you. This is probably the only Sun sign that can find romantic bliss and excitement with their own Sun sign. There’s over the top enthusiasm and the ability to get up and go on a moment’s notice. Aries gives life their all, seizing the moment this year and maybe only another Aries will understand that. In the sack you both are just as spontaneous. Aries and Scorpio are also attracted but the ties that bind them get tangled along the way. Somehow you don’t want to get too tangled with Scorpio for the long haul.

Taurus: Relationships have been intense for Taurus of recent. The slow moving methodical Bull likes to approach the object of their desire slowly and typically wants their pick of the most desirable love interests. A little know secret of the zodiac is that Taurus is a slow and very steady lover. Shhh├óΓé¼┬ª The sign of Sagittarius will not only drive you crazy in the bedroom but keep you coming back for more. You both are drawn together by a mutual understanding, mutual life experience and lack of serious motivation to commit this year. Taurus seeks someone who is their own person, independent and laughs at life and that’s exactly what Sagittarius.

Gemini: Love has proved elusive for air sign Gemini but in the process of looking for love, you have learned lots about yourself. By now you know that you have to work on yourself to be a good partner to someone else. Let’s be real, while sharing the limelight never goes over well with Gemini who seeks the spotlight like a moth, this year you just might find someone who allows you to be you and doesn’t care about your limelight or red light. Someone who has their own things going on, like a Capricorn. You see something in Capricorn that frankly piques your curiosity. Capricorn keeps Gemini coming back for more and more while not competing with him or her.

Cancer: You are attracted to someone who seems very powerful and larger than life. Someone who is willing to help the poor Cancer damsel or dude in distress. That by the way happens quite often. While you may have stumbled along that rocky road called love you probably haven’t stumbled for too long alone. Let’s be real, you may have relished in a romantic challenge a time or two also. What others see as rejection; you see as a challenge. Not many people get close to the types of lovers you do, and this year you could find more Leos being attracted to you than ever before. Leo is generous and warm when coupled with Cancer, and Cancer needs the strength of a Leo partner. Together there are cuddles to spare. Your other match, Aries doesn’t have the time to give you anymore but Taurus might.

Leo: Leo breaks the mold this year and maybe the only way out of a romantic rut is a hot romantic affair. This type of thinking gets sticky if you are already legally entwined aka married. A soul mate relationship sets you free from the chain and ball you’ve been carrying around of late and you think you’re in love for the very first time. An elusive Pisces is just what the doctor ordered. He or she is ready to party just as much as you are this year and both of you have been stuck in a rut for far too long. As long as both of you keep the party going, both of you benefit and free each other’s souls. Once it gets real and the fairy dust wears off a Virgo might fill his or her shoes very well.

Virgo: Driven by powerful forces Virgo wants to be both saint and sinner and BTW loves anyone who is both saint and sinner. Oh my! As long as their beloved sees their innocence, views him or her an angel sent from the Lord, the peace is kept in the relationship. But when fingers start pointing and accusations are made, Goodbye! A Scorpio brings lots of security to Virgo’s life and lots of make out sessions. However, Scorpio is jealous and will want you all to themselves. That’s fine as long as Virgo is free and clear of past bonds, lovers, ex-lovers and co-dependencies. If not someone with a devil may care attitude and loose morals will have to do, Hello Pisces!

Libra: The perpetually relationship oriented Libra has attracted a diverse crowd of admirers, lovers and quasi friends. Your secret crushes are Aries and Aquarius but you definitely might like to be spanked by Capricorn once in a while. Libra is the crowd pleaser of the zodiac, and your charming personality and gorgeous good looks are admired by many. You seek those with star quality and someone you feel is connected to the lifestyle you want. You might have some karmic connections to work out and so you are attracted to spontaneous and expected chance meetings and situations. If it feels fated, Libra is in. The Fall born Scorpio makes you feel special and you have similar friends and eccentric interests. Pisces keeps you busy wondering what they’re thinking and Capricorn is your all time crush.

Scorpio: As fate would have it you are lured by Leo’s self-confidence and secretly hope some of it will rub off on you in so many different ways. You get your choice of lovers as usual because so many are attracted to your genie in a bottle persona. What are you hiding anyways? Libra knows and it seems there’s nothing you can hide from him or her who senses your every next move. Still there’s another part of you that is bored with the status quo and ready for change. In that case a younger or much older Aquarius is ready to step in and help you change light bulbs or pack up├óΓé¼┬ªwhatever you need.

Sagittarius: After following a lover’s lead or waiting for the object of your heart’s desire to come to their senses, straighten up and treat you the way they used to treat you, you decide to fly solo. There are enough potential lovers out there to keep Sagittarius busy for quite a long time. You don’t need to be treated poorly! Maybe you will look for someone new and maybe you won’t, so you’ll need someone just as flexible with their affections and yearnings as you are. Virgo is flexible and just as mixed up. Meaning, that both of you are in complicated romantic places right now. There are no expectations and no requirements from either of you who get enough of that from your exes. Capricorn is your candy crush, your sugar Daddy your sugar Momma and that works too.

Capricorn: Gemini and Leo find Goat girls and boys so attractive and Capricorn might be likewise interested, except that you are on a mission of tearing down and re-building when things don’t quite meet up to your expectations and eventually everyone falls into that category. Oh well. You’re not even interested in keeping anyone as friends, even with friendly benefits? Really. The apple of your eye is for the Fall born Libra who makes for good eye candy and looks good on your arm and in their skivvies, but can’t make a decent decision for the life of him or her. Yet it works well since both of you need lots of space to “find” yourselves and both of you are on inner missions to conquer the world. Libra will accept those times when you are “restructuring things” and will happily go off and come back when you call.

Aquarius: It’s true Aquarius never let go of an old love, especially their first love and this very well could include Sagittarius or the hard to hold on to slippery Scorpio both are challenging and both you can never forget. Scorpio is a tough cookie that Aquarius needs, like others need food, to feel like they made it to the big leagues. Scorpio needs someone who plays harder to get, so there’s trouble in paradise unless Aquarius can play the game. Cancer on the other hand may bend over backwards to please Aquarius, but will you appreciate it? An unappreciated crab, sidesteps off when not appreciated. So that leaves Sagittarius the fun loving independent happy go lucky clown of the zodiac who finds you not only fun but, interesting in and out of the boudoir.

Pisces: You could be utterly surprised to find out that someone likes you, or is interested in you. Say what? How come they didn’t tell me. Well, they tried but sometimes you are so wrapped up in your day dreams you fail to see what’ right in front of you. It’s gonna take something more like someone really persistent who’s attracted to an aloof fish. In walks Virgo who isn’t afraid to tap you on the shoulder and start a conversation. Just what you need an Earth sign. Well, then there’s Capricorn who’s solid as a rock. Yes, a bit boring and a stickler for “the rules”. And we all know there are occasions when you inadvertently break the rules. Libra requires too much attention for a Pisces, while Sagittarius is a good choice they are having a “moment” right now. However, Taurus blends nicely with Pisces and through life’s ups and downs is the solid piece of beach Pisces needs.”
Woah! It sounds like every sign is headed for a hot, seXXXy, and complicated holiday!

So, do YOU agree with Terry’s analyses?

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[Image via Terry Nazon.]

Feb 13, 2016 3:00pm PDT

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