There Was A Blow Dart Attack On The Golden Gate Bridge This Weekend — And The Blower Is Still Out There!

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Police in San Francisco are saying that at least two people were hit with blow darts while walking across the Golden Gate Bridge over the weekend!

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According to the California Highway Patrol, on Friday afternoon two different people were struck in the legs with long, thin, point-tipped darts that apparently came from a blowgun, likely from a car that had been driving by on the bridge.

The darts (pictured above) were about five inches long, and police officers indicated one of the darts entered one victim’s leg and penetrated several inches deep past the skin!


Highway Patrol spokesman Andrew Barclay was just as shocked as we were upon hearing this, as he spoke to reporters in a press conference:

“I can honestly say I’ve never heard of anything like this happening, ever. Right now, we are hoping to narrow down exactly where [the victims] were and at what time.”

Now, as authorities test the darts to hopefully confirm they were not poisoned, police in San Francisco are all set to take the victims back to the scene of the crime and figure out exactly where they were on the bridge, as they begin to piece together surveillance footage.


[Image via CNN.]

Feb 15, 2016 4:39pm PDT

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