Donald Trump Has ALWAYS Been Crazy On Twitter! See His Most Embarrassing Old Tweets!

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Donald Trump has always been pretty crazy, especially on Twitter.

It’s not just wanting to be president that’s made the former Celebrity Apprentice star tweet ridiculous things — he’s been doing it for years!

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Now that he’s again leading the polls in the GOP’s race to find a presidential nominee, we figured it’s the perfect time to drag out ALL his old tweets — you know, to see how presidential The Donald has been in the past!

Ch-ch-check out all the worst (best?) pre-presidential campaign junk that’s made its way from The Donald’s brain to his Twitter account (below)!!!

The Donald has NEVER liked Barack Obama:

The Donald also hasn’t hesitated to comment on the physical appearance of female public figures:

He’s tweeted some generally random, stupid stuff over the years:

He TOTALLY hates the haters:

He also apparently totally hates Mac Miller:

LOLz, suuuuure, Donald.

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And we started it with narcissism, so why not end it the same way:

Ok, Donald. Sure buddy.


Feb 15, 2016 1:10pm PDT

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