Justin Bieber May Have To Change His Tour To Deal With Lingering Legal Troubles — Deets Here!

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Justin Bieber has definitely been on the up and up the last year or so after quite a few questionable decisions that got him in a bit of trouble.

While the Sorry singer has been a lot better, it looks like his past is catching up to him and could muddy up his world tour!

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Almost two years ago, photographer Manuel Munoz was snapping some pics of Justin outside of SET Nightclub when the young singer noticed and wasn’t too happy about it. According to a lawsuit filed by Munoz, Biebs’ bodyguard Dwayne Patterson chased the cameraman into a nearby Subway restaurant and allegedly beat him up to get the pictures.

While Justin hasn’t had to deal with the issue for a while because his legal team couldn’t agree on a deposition date that works for the pop star, it looks like that excuse isn’t going to fly anymore.

Bieber did say he has 2 free days in February, due to his upcoming Purpose world tour, but that apparently didn’t work out for Manuel. As a result, the judge ordered JB to sit for questioning no later than July 31 this year!

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The good news is, that might actually work for the young stud as he has a stop in Miami on July 2 — but will he have to move his schedule around a bit to squeeze in the hearing?!

We’re sure the 21-year-old will figure it out all, but we’re not so sure how happy he’s going to be about the lawyer who’s going to be questioning him. That’s because it’s Mark DiCowden — the same lawyer who grilled him about Selena Gomez for a different case in which Bieber lost his cool!

Regardless, we’re pulling for you, Justin, and wish you luck on your tour and hope you get through your legal battle in one piece!

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Feb 15, 2016 8:13am PST

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