What’s Going On With Kanye West?! Rapper’s New Twitter Rant Goes From Begging For More Money To Boycotting The Grammys!

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Kanye West has been very transparent about his personal problems of late.

Over the weekend, the rapper revealed that he was $53 million in person debt, and even asked Mark Zuckerberg to bail him out on Twitter!

But after firing out another series of peculiar tweets begging CEOs for financial resources, we’re not sure if Yeezy is just the Twitter troll of the year or in the midst of a public meltdown!

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On Sunday, Kanye told the Facebook founder and Google, Inc. co-founder Larry Page that if they really wanted to make a difference, to stop spending money building schools in Africa and donate to the rapper’s bank account instead!

But before that, Kim Kardashian West‘s husband threatened to boycott the Grammys if he wasn’t promised album of the year, posting:

Then he shifted the focus back to his financial woes, once again calling on Mark Zuckerberg to lend him a hand:

But don’t worry, Yeezy didn’t put all his eggs in one basket. In the same string of tweets, he asked Larry Page for a bailout, continuing:


Do YOU think this is a real public cry for help, or a joke only Kanye himself is privy to??

Feb 15, 2016 10:13am PDT

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